So my close friend Ruggy’s cat was shot with a BB gun! The femur is broken in several places and there is a metal ball in her leg!
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He doesn’t want to put her down, and the only two options are to either remove the leg entirely, or put wires in her leg, but either way she’ll be crippled for the rest of her life! :C
I know 2,000$ is a lot, but the cost of the surgery to amputate her leg, the x-rays, and the medicine is what will be covered for this!
Please please, if you guys can help in any way through donations or spreading the word, it would mean a lot! 

pls everyone make sure to watch out for the scum that will hurt our black kitties :’(
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I only got Bioshock Infinite last week. I enjoyed it.This? I’m both kind of proud and disappointed with myself. A bit of work, all in all. The coloring looks… fair and the label was done by hand, but the pose and whatnot is not something new from me. There’s a feeling of half-assed effort coming off it. :( Start to finish with Photoshop.
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